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Uninsured Motorist Coverage

What is uninsured motorist coverage?


Uninsured motorist coverage, usually sold in conjunction with underinsured motorists coverage, is a type of insurance coverage that can be purchased from your own automobile insurer. The uninsured motorists coverage protects you if the at-fault driver did not have an auto insurance policy that was in effect at the time of the accident. The underinsured motorists coverage is just like it sounds: it will protect you if the at-fault driver had a policy that was in effect, but that policy contains limits of coverage that are not high enough to fully compensate you for the damages you have sustained.

How does this coverage work? If it is determined that the at-fault driver is either uninsured or underinsured, a claim is made with your own insurance carrier under the appropriate coverage. At that point, your insurance carrier is obligated to deal with you in an attempt to settle your claims for medical bills, as well as your claims for pain and suffering, lost wages and emotional distress among other things. Your insurance carrier will then make a determination if it is worth the time and effort to go after the at-fault driver to recoup what it has paid in settlement of your claim.

In our practice here at Hackett Law Offices, we have seen an ever increasing number of uninsured and underinsured motorists causing accidents. Therefore, we recommend that everyone purchase uninsured / underinsured motorist coverage. It is the only way to protect yourself against being involved in an accident with an uninsured or underinsured driver. It is also a relatively inexpensive form of coverage. Don't get stuck with expenses that were caused by someone else's negligence - make sure that there will be coverage, or enough coverage, to cover your claims in the unfortunate event that you are injured by an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

If you have any questions regarding uninsured / underinsured motorists coverage, please feel free to contact one of our attorneys here at Hackett Law Offices at 513-333-0050.

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