Ohio Motorcycle Lawyers

For nearly 15 years the Law Offices of Paul Hackett have represented motorcycle accident victims and their families, and have served the biking community as general practitioners for everything from traffic tickets to more serious criminal charges.


Motorcycle accidents are quite different from automobile accidents. Motorcycle accidents involve factors not generally seen in the typical automobile accident case.

For example, motorcyclists are often unfairly cited for the accident, and an expert knowledgeable in motorcycle accident reconstruction must be employed.


While there are many personal injury lawyers throughout the country, Paul Hackett has been a motorcyclist longer than he has been practicing law. Paul Hackett is experienced in dealing with insurance companies, the Court system and juries.


Why you should choose the attorneys at Hackett Law Offices:


Paul Hackett and his associates have a great deal of experience, knowledge and practice with motorcycle and automobile accidents. The attorneys of Hackett Law Offices have great familiarity with the value and compensation that should be awarded for injuries resulting from a motorcycle accident. In addition, people who are involved in motorcycle accidents need services of other professionals, whom Hackett Law Offices deal with on a regular basis, including the following:


1. Experienced motorcycle accident reconstructionists, reconstruction experts, investigators to establish fault.

2. Medical and vocational experts to document and illustrate the complete extend of the bodily injuries and pain, suffering and permanency.


3. Economic loss - Experts to determine future lost wages.


4. Motorcycle damage and loss of valuation experts to accurately determine the value of the damage to the motorcycle.



What Hackett Law in Cincinnati Ohio does for you:


At Hackett Law Offices, our lawyers help our clients through the long process of recovery from their losses. We seek fair compensation for the injured parties. We care for the well being of every person who comes to us.  We are 100% committed to protecting our client's rights.  The lawyers of Hackett Law Offices are members of the following:


Professional Associations:
        Ohio Academy of Trial Lawyers and Kentucky Academy of Trial Lawyers


Bar Associations:
        Ohio State Bar Association, Kentucky Bar Association, Licensed to practice in Federal Court in the Southern District of Ohio, Eastern District of Kentucky.


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