Ohio DUI / OVI
"Operating A Vehicle Under the Influence"

As everyone knows, police in Ohio and around the country continue to "crack down" on drivers suspected of driving under the influence. It is important to know that just because you are charged with DUI / OVI, you do not always automatically "lose" your case. An attorney experienced in handling DUI / OVI matters can sometimes defeat the DUI charge and can certainly do things in court to minimize your punishment.

Let's look at possible penalties if you are convicted of a DUI / OVI:




Driving Suspension

Time w/o privileges

Plate impound W/in 6 years


3 days to 180 days


6 months to 3 years

15 days

no, but exceptions


10 days to 180 days

$300 - $1500

1 year to 5 years

30 days

90 days


30 days to 1 year

$500 - $2500

2 years to 10 years

1 year (interlock)

180 days


60 days to 18 months

$750 - $10,000

3 years to life

3 years


It should be noted that there are exceptions and possible variations depending on what judge interprets the law. Some judges deal with first or second offenders in specific ways. It is important to be represented by an attorney who knows the differences between how judges punish offenders.


If you have been charged with DUI, please contact us. We represent defendants for DUI and most other types of criminal cases, primarily in Hamilton, Clermont, and Butler Counties in Ohio. We would be happy to help you with these legal problems and have payment plans that can help you with the economic side of your case.


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